Receiving Guidelines

Follow our guidelines to ensure a smooth receiving process

Our receiving process is referred to as good faith receiving. This means that our modus operandi is to assume that the quantity of SKUs listed on each of the cartons is identical to the quantity present in the shipment. If the supplier short-shipped SKUs, it may not be clear until months later.

To ensure optimized processing for your inventory, all receiving must follow the standard receiving requirements. Non-standard receiving requires additional processing time and may incur additional receiving fees and surcharges.

Disclaimer: Our 72-hour receiving window does not apply to any receivings not in compliance with our guidelines.

Receiving Hours: 8AM - 11AM PST & 12PM - 2PM PST

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Standard Requirements

  • All SKUs must be set up and Purchase Orders (POs) created and uploaded into ShipHero prior to delivery
  • Each package should be labeled with the PO number, SKU, and quantity
  • Each shipment must be accompanied with a packing slip placed in marked lead carton or pallet. Packing list must include: SKU, item description, carton #, and pallet # containing the product
  • Separate each product SKU per box
  • Cartons and pallets must be individually numbered to ensure all goods are accounted for
  • Shipping labels should include your company name


  • Mark shipping cartons and pallets containing fragile items (ie. "fragile" or "this side up")
  • Barcodes must be scannable and texts must be legible on carton and pallet labels
  • Manufacturer markings such as gross and net weight on master cartons don't need to be removed or covered

What qualifies as non-compliance?

  • Receiving without Purchase Orders (POs) already created in ShipHero
  • Mixed SKUs within one box