Selling Internationally: Things to Know

ShipBots makes it very easy to sell and ship your product internationally and thus help you become a global brand. There are few things you should be aware of, though, before selling internationally:


1) Duties & Taxes: Every time you ship a product internationally, your customer in the destination country might have to pay duties and taxes on the product based on the value declared in the Customs Declaration. Every country has an "ad-valor" value which makes the product exempt from duties and taxes. Example: If you ship a product to Canada that's valued at $10, the customer doesn't have to pay any duties. If you ship a product that's worth $30, your customers might have to pay customs duties and taxes.You can set up the customs value of each product directly on your product detail page. Please note: Setting up the value of the product as less than what it actually sells for is NOT recommended because this could delay processing your shipment.


2) Shipping Costs: As you can imagine, shipping costs can rise dramatically when shipping internationally. Therefore, be sure to charge your customers the proper shipping cost to avoid losing money by paying more for shipping than you’re charging your customers.


3) Dimensional Weight: The majority of international carriers charge dimensional weight for international shipments. What is dimensional weight? Multiply the width, height, and length of the product and then divide it by the dimensional weight factor. Then you’ll get the dimensional weight. The carrier will charge you for the larger of the two—either the actual weight or the dimensional weight—whichever is greater.


4) Lengthy Delivery Times: The most important factor when it comes to shipping internationally is managing expectations. The majority of economy carriers can take weeks to deliver your packages to international destinations, so it's vital that you communicate this to your customers before making the sale. You can also offer an expedited option for those customers who want their products earlier.