Shipping Internationally with DDP Services

As you are well aware, when shipping internationally, duties and taxes are applied by the destination country based on the Customs Declaration Value, Country of Origin, and HS Codes listed on the commercial invoice. ShipBots' new Delivery Duties Paid (DDP) service will allow these fees to be calculated and prepaid, by your customers, during the checkout process! 

How exactly does this work?  

Passport will calculate the individual customer’s duties and taxes based on the specific order details and the destination country which will completely remove any ambiguity with international shipping!

  • Full integration supported by Cratejoy, Shopify and WooCommerce - other integrations may be available upon request 

  • The integration will automatically handle all B2C orders with the potential of setting up B2B shipping 

  • International shipments delivered between 5 and 10 business days via a mix of handoff and direct delivery services* with transparent tracking updates

  • Includes a dedicated support team for your customer’s questions, comments, and concerns

  • Dimensional weight may apply*

*Depends on the destination country

Who can Passport integrate with?

Passport integrates directly with Cratejoy, Shopify and WooCommerce.  Custom integrations can be requested. 

What are Passport specific restrictions?

  • A package cannot exceed 66 lbs.

  • A package cannot exceed 59 inches in any dimension

    • Any package between 48 and 59 inches (in any dimension) will be subject to a $50.00 fee

  • A package cannot exceed the maximum dimensions of length + girth* < 118 inches

    • How to calculate the girth: Length + Girth < 118 inches. Girth = (Width x 2) + (Height x 2)

  • No more than 34 SKUs can ship via Passport

  • Shipments being delivered to an Australian address cannot have a  declared value that exceeds $1,000.00 USD

When will dimensional weight be applied to shipments?

Dimensional Weight Factor will only be applied for specific zones

Can Passport support multipack shipments?

No, Passport cannot ship multipack shipments.      

Will Passport reclassify SKUs for an account?

Passport pulls the SKUs vs.HS from Shopify when calculating duties and taxes, so as long as the SKUs vs HS Codes are accurate / reclassified within Shopify, the numbers displayed will be accurate

What does the actual process of transit look while shipping a package via Passport?

International shipments are delivered within 4-9 business days for delivery (once it arrives to a Passport processing center).  The customer will receive a door to door tracking number upon checkout as well as a delivery confirmation. Passport will also supply proactive email notifications to customers for delayed packages and items that are being returned to sender.

Does Passport insure shipments?

Yes and no!  Accounts utilizing Passport can opt to have all or none of their shipments insured.  Unfortunately, this is an "all or nothing" feature at the moment.  If you'd like to offer international shipping insurance through Passport just let us know!

If you’re interested in learning more or moving forward with offering your international customers a DDP service, reach out to our team.  We will be more than happy to discuss the next steps to integrate your account with Passport!